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About Me

Decades of creative exploration across biotech, oil and gas, finance, retail, and automotive realms have equipped me with a diverse expertise palette. Armed with Adobe Creative Suite mastery, I effortlessly connect engineers, creatives, and business goals. The magic? It happens at the crossroads of innovation and aesthetics.

I'm not just a design virtuoso in pixels and vectors; I'm fluent in people too. A social butterfly navigating diverse landscapes, I've turned conflict resolution into an art form.

My commitment to growth and knowledge-sharing is only topped by my passion for injecting humor into every project.

Looking for a design maestro who turns ordinary into extraordinary, adds humor to the mundane, and fosters a vibrant atmosphere? Congratulations, you've found your creative design whisperer!





What I Do


For decades, I've been designing, doodling and sketching with dots and pixels that end up as logos, websites, brochures, posters, event/tradeshow graphics and just about everything else short of screen designs for the Apple Newton or Palm. (Don't worry, you can Google them.)


Though I'm not billing myself as a front-end dev anymore, I have in the past. Which means I can bridge the gap with creative types and coding types and make all those nice Scrum Masters even happier. Oh, and I use the Adobe Creative Suite.

Video Production

I've had experience throughout the entire video production process, including: writing scripts, storyboarding, art direction, lighting, audio, "fixing it in post" and editing.



Core Creative Skills

  • Expert

    Graphic DesignMark Deitch, The Focus Group, Logic Design, Lee Tilford, Schwab, Sharp, Jaguar Land Rover, Cisco, Vant4ge, Decor StealsWoah! Yes, I was actually designing a year before Photoshop was released. What a benefit to know how the industry has evolved, especially digitally, because I've been there. And still am.

  • Expert

    Art DirectorMark Deitch, The Focus Group, Logic Design, Lee Tilford, Schwab, Sharp, Jaguar Land Rover, Cisco, Vant4geArt direction is definitely a collaborative effort, when done right. Sometimes, too many just take a project over instead of guiding, informing and helping designers. But not me!

  • Professional

    Video ProductionThe Focus Group, Lee Tilford, Schwab, Jaguar Land Rover, Cisco, Vant4ge, Decor StealsThere's a lot to do when making a video. Many processes and many people involved. Over my career, I've produced, written scripts, story boarded, art directed, shot, edited, animated and added motion graphics for many compaines.

  • Professional

    UXJaguar Land Rover, Cisco, Vant4ge, Decor StealsThe pinnacle of collaboration. I've been able to work within the many processes that makeup what is user experience. But, it's actually the core of good design and has been for centuries if even not actually recognized as "UX"

Hard Skills

  • Expert

    Adobe Creative SuiteIllustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, PremierPro, InDesign, AcrobatBesides those core that we all know (or should), I also have used XD, Dreamweaver, Audition and dipped into numerous others. I mean, it is the "Suite"..right?

  • Professional

    Web Developer-ishMark Deitch, The Focus Group, Logic Design, Lee Tilford, Schwab, Sharp, Jaguar Land Rover, Vant4geI did my first site in 1997 with the help of the one book on the shelves at that time. It's mainly been front-end dev, but I've toyed with databases and tried to compile some stuff once. Drupal wasn't fun, but I get around and Wordpress is the most recent CMS. However, for e-commece sites, Shopify has been the focus lately.  

  • Professional

    MarketingThe Focus Group, Logic Design, Lee Tilford, Vant4ge, Decor StealsMarketing is loaded with branding, design, identity, advertising and positioning. How? A product or service with the best designed, efficient and beautiful experience for the user will not generate any revenue if nobody knows about it. Sometimes, the creative teams, developer/engineering teams forget that. Not me!

People Skills

  • Expert

    Humans!What a smack in the face to humans to refer to communication as 'soft skills'. So I don't see them as such. I love collaboration, mentoring, pushing a team forward or clearing that blocker when I can. I'm constantly learning, sharing, teaching. Rinse and repeat.


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