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Matt rose

Lead Full Stack Software Engineer

“Professional depth, or the mastery of a skill, is a necessity for any leader. Kelly runs most Adobe products as if they were an extension of his hand. But a leader with depth is just a one-trick pony. Kelly is a leader who possesses both depth and breadth.

I have worked with Kelly for more than a year and he demonstrates mastery across multiple disciplines. From creative strategy to corporate branding and building websites to visual design, Kelly is that rare individual who can offer the proof of a portfolio as opposed to the promise of a resumé. I am proud to offer my highest recommendation of Kelly.”

matt jones

Executive Director – Tech Platform Strategy & Program Management, Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company

“Through Kelly’s creative and technical acumen, he has contributed to many projects as both a team member and a team lead. He has fostered great relationships between co-workers and vendors and builds on those relationships to help ensure success throughout project completion.

Kelly has a fantastically diverse background which has enabled his involvement in many projects including website design and development, promotions for international car shows, numerous video productions and of course UX/UI for future in-vehicle infotainment systems for Jaguar Land Rover.”

Dr hanan alnizami

Director and Head of UX Research at New Relic

In the short time that I’ve worked with Kelly, He’s demonstrated great leadership and work ethic. Kelly provided the team with ample UX collateral and animations that drove feature proposals home with stakeholders at JLR. He was always willing to take on projects that benefit projects and the team.

Kelly is also a team player and has built great relationships across the Portland site. I truly enjoyed working with him at JLR.

Matt Bontrager-Rose image and illus
bruce gardner, MBA/MKtg

Digital Product Manager at USAA

“I had the privilege of working with Kelly at Charles Schwab. He is a unique find in advertising and marketing: flexible, very experienced, driven by creative excellence, and very down to earth. He is one of the best creative thinkers that I have ever worked with, and can quickly digest, distill and communicate even the most complex creative solutions. He can develop highly impactful creative, can execute AND direct campaigns that provide incredible ROI – and THAT keeps the suits happy.”

lisa young

Principal & Creative at
Olive + Spark Design Studio

“Kelly is one of the most creative and versatile designers I’ve ever had pleasure of working under. His common sense and great personality helped make him a strong creative director as well as an amazing hands-on designer. He is a master at seeing the overall picture but never missing the small details in every project.”

forrest graham

Agile Coach | Scrum Master | Solutions Architect | Product Manager

“Kelly is an outstanding individual with a vast knowledge in his field. He possesses a great work ethic and morals for his work and fellow co-workers. I see Kelly as a leader amongst his peers with his ability to communicate, share, train, assess a situation, and act upon these qualities being an individual with innate leadership quality. Any organization that has the opportunity to involve Kelly and his abilities will be truly fortunate.”

I’m passionate about bringing creativity and problem-solving together to tackle design and marketing challenges. With over 15 years of experience across diverse industries, I thrive on guiding teams and individuals to unlock their full potential through mentorship and practical strategies. I’m also known for being a supportive and collaborative team member, dedicated to fostering a positive working environment.

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